Faital-3WC-10, built by Ole, Norway
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

The start: 
After searching for a kit to rebuild my grandfather’s old Seas 94 H kit, i found that 3wc-10 was 40 litres off total volume, and only a couple of centimetres off the original measurements.
I figured that this was close enough for my untrained ears.
Before I start, I have to say sorry for breaking every rule of speaker-kit building, almost every dimension of the original had to give way to make it work with the old cabinet, and cloth had to be added to get it accepted in the living room.
All the old stuff were removed and I started installing new dividers.
Since the cabinet I used was 2 cm more narrow then the original, i had to make room for the reflex-pipes by moving the bass speaker a bit upwards, to do that I had to sacrify a couple of millimetres of the tweeter.
Still, the distances from the tweeter and upwards was true to the original drawing.
Worked great, and looked great to.
The speaker was now working, good sound was coming out, and the next step was to make it a bit more house-friendly, that meant cloth on the front. I made an Aluminium frame, and cut it to fit the inside.
Glued on some stuff similar to Styrofoam to get some nice angles.
Found some nice cloth.
My measurements were deeply flawed, both because of the room, equipment and my lack of understanding of SMAART, but I could get a semi-accurate reading of bass response down to around 40 Hz.
All in all, great kit, great sound.
Just to finish: My dream kit would be a centre speaker , with the same tweeter and mid configuration, and an 6RS140-8 as the bass element, sacrificing some low-end, put into a wide and under 15cm deep wall-hanging enclosure.
Ole, Norway.