Faital-3WC-10, built by Riccardo
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troel,
I have long believed that only a sealed, 3-way box could satisfy my hearing and this strange idea lasted for years. But I followed your site all the time, fascinated by the proposed models, until two things happened.
First, I read these words from you:
Setting up the finished speakers in our living room made me finally realise the magnificent combination of bass and mid-driver. Dynamic and with a degree of 3-dimensionality rivaling whatever speaker I have ever made, regardless of brand and costs. I know this is big words, but I'll stick my neck out for any comparison on transparency and 3-dimensionality.
Second, I heard the Faital 3wc-12 at my friend Giacinto's house .
Although our stereo systems are different and also the listening rooms, I was impressed by the speakers. They were too big for my living room, but the choice was made, Faital 3 Way Classic.
The design specifications had to be these:
1) Reduced footprint
2) No stands
3) Possible discreet adjustment of the low range
4) Reasonable aesthetic appearance
These factors made me choose the Faital 3WC-10, but in a floorstanding design.
I've never built speakers in my life, and even though I'm good in a lot of things, I don't have the time to do that and I don't have a laboratory. I was lucky enough to have help from two great people: my friend Giacinto, skilled designer who developed the design on my instruction, and Gionata, the carpenter, another hifi lover.
So, thanks to Giacinto, the Faital 3 Way Classic 10 has began a small tower. Thanks to Gionata, the enclosure made in birch plywood 20mm, took its final shape with a beautiful Italian  walnut finish.
To control the resonances inside the cabinet the panel that closes the volume of the mid is tilted. I also added a small sealed volume for the tweeter.

My two cents on sound. The sound is great.
The mid-high has something magical about it. The scene is wide and the location of the single sources is reasonable and perceptible naturally. The bass is authoritative, very deep and lightning fast, with exceptional tonal qualities. There are two adjectives with which I can define these small towers, extremely transparent and natural. My friend Giacinto, who compared the Faital 3WC version 10 and 12, points out that the two speakers have different characters: a drier and apparently faster sound for the 12 version (with less deep bass). A more full-bodied and natural balance for the 10 version.

Superb project from mr.Troels!
Thank you...

For my friends  your project sounds like the biggest  Harbeth ....