Faital-3WC-12, built by Andreas, Germany
Copyright 2024 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,

First of all I would like to thank my friend Dirk. Without his knowledge and skills, this loudspeaker would not have been created.
My second thanks goes to you, Troels.
Without your brilliant skills, many hi-fi chains and high-end systems around the world would certainly not sound so good!
It took about 4 months to build the speaker and it took just as long to get everything working perfectly.
I've been a full range fan since I was a teenager. However, my favorite amplifiers are single ended triode amps and especially the 300B's.
This actually creates a paradox. Full range sound with 2x8 watts is not possible in most cases.
I came across your site by chance and discovered your 3WC12. In terms of dimensions, it fits my REL S510 subwoofer perfectly.
So the idea was born to build your speaker and use the RELs as a stand.
I separated the bass crossover and mid-high frequency crossover and hung a Hypex FA251 module between them as you described.
So I can drive the speaker passive and semi –aktive.
It wasn't easy to integrate 6 different power amplifiers (2x REL 500Watt class A/B, 2x Hypex 250Watt class D and 2x 300B 8Watt class A)
so that everything plays coherently over time.
But the effort was worth it.
And now… how does it sound… I would say what it looks like
Thank you again for your great work!
Many greetings from Germany and have a nice summer!
(building by Andreas and Dirk)