Faital 3WC-12, built by Soeren, The Faroe Islands
Copyright 2023 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels
You got me started on a journey. I finally got to listen to both speakers, placed in my 4-5 meters wide and 8 meter long living room. I chose to go with the Faital 3WC 12 inch, level 1 and scanspeak tweeter. The process has been long and joyful. This summer we sheared the sheep to get the wool for the stuffings. Then I build the cabinets (one at the time, to learn from mistakes). Then by coincidence a family member sold me a studio amplifier from SLT (studio og lydteknik APS from Helgesvej Copenhagen). A great 250 watt Mos-fet handmade piece of art. Right now I´m feeding the system through a dragonfly cobalt HighRes from an Iphone….. Yes yes I will build a preamp and get a denafrips and maybe a record player again…… .(in time and with money).
But for now; in the evening Lisa Ekdahl is visiting with her tiny and super detailed voice. In the morning Kieth Jarret is starting all of our brains with grand Piano. In the afternoon (when I’m alone) I exercise the still stiff speakermembranes with some Snow (informer), Billie Eilish, or CarminaBurana by C. Orf.
It’s the most Lively, detailed and wide spectra speakers I have ever had in my living room. No matter the volume level. Trombones sound like trombones, voices sound like the singers, details from live surroundings or recording technical control appears, where there were none before (had some Snell E III with an Acurus DIA100 and cheap Denon CD from the 90´s).

Flemming with his shears.

A set of speakers for electronica 😊

Wool. Freshly washed on the way into the speaker.

Me studying Music and Laika studying “practical linear algebra”

The speakers easily fill the whole living room with lively music. No problem!


Laika and almost finished product.

The final stands.