Faital 3WC-15, built by Dominick
Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Trolls 
I finished the Fatial 3WC-15. I have put over 100 hours of burn-in on them and now well over 200 hours listening over 2+ months. Thank you for the assistance in helping me define the best project for my goals, these have far exceeded all my expectations. Thanks also to Jantzen, everything arrived perfectly and to Sergio for sharing his pictures, they looked so cool I had to copy his look.  
I’d like to share my thoughts in case anyone else is thinking about these speakers. 
The Build 
I followed everything exactly to your specifications, with one modification, I really liked the look of the baffle on the Loudspeaker 2, so I used 25mm Baltic birch on the front and copied the look. I kept the face dimensions of the baffle to specification, added bittman pads on the inside and made the necessary adjustments to keep the volume exactly the same. It was a challenging construction that took me 5-6 months from start to end. I also had to spend a lot of time on aesthetics since I have a wife and 2 opinionated daughters. I did build the top of the line kit, amber caps, beryllium tweeter. It is a big boy. 
I am in a room roughly 5.5m x 7m x 3m high. I am running a Rouge ST-100 (triode mode and low gain tubes for about 30-40 watts) and Perseus pre-amp, I listen 75% streamed through a Cambridge Azur. Not the highest end set-up but I like it. I listen to a lot of acoustical music:  folk, jazz, rock, lots of female vocals, and almost always at low to moderate listening levels. I never listen to classical, electronica, rap or heavy metal; nor do I blast it much. 
The Sound: 
Side note, shortly after moving them into the listening room I contracted the delta variant, so I had a lot of time to listen as I was quarantined with my stereo for 2 weeks, there was actually 3 days when I was feeling OK where I must have listened for 12 straight hours each day, no fatigue or desire to switch to TV, just musical bliss.  
The sound is absolutely amazing, I have never heard better speakers in my life, honestly. Every song in my library is like a new experience, I am hearing subtleties I never new were there. The speakers deliver emotion that changes every song. The dramatic impact in so many of the songs is amazing. Some of the things I notice the most.   
All the acoustics instruments that I love, piano, acoustic guitar, cello all have a depth of sound I have only heard from live, unamplified music, it must be the combination if the 15” woofer and 8” mid.  
Drum are wonderful and drum solos are amazing, for that matter so is the crowd noise, which seem odd that I would notice that. 
Even at the lowest volumes the resolution of every note is there in full form, it is how I listen more than half the time. 
Bass is great, it’s deep, it’s clean, it’s fast; beryllium tweeter is really nice, airy, not harsh; but the midrange absolutely steals the show, I don’t think it is over emphasized, I think it is just the way music is meant to sound. Could also be my 60-year-old ears and tinnitus makes me focus on the mids, but it’s absolutely beautiful. 
To listen for 4-5 hours straight is common, if I had a more comfortable chair, I would go longer. Listening fatigue is a non-factor, sitting fatigue is. 
I’d love to give some balanced, critical feedback, but I don’t have any, I guess the only critical feedback is sheer size, if you make them, talk to the wife and make sure she likes the looks because there is a lot to look at.  
Thank you for such a well-designed product and the assistance when I needed it. I never in my life thought I would ever have speakers that sounded this good. 
Take Care.