Faital 3WC-15, built by Jacob, US

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Hello Troels,
Greetings from America. I thought I’d share my experience of building and living with Faital 3WC-15. I have been watching and reading your site for a while, and I ultimately decided on pulling the trigger and buying a kit. After looking at many of your options, I ended up building Faital 3WC-15 level II fabric dome.
The kit build took longer than I originally anticipated, but overall, it went pretty well. I chose to use fine MDF for everywhere but the front panels, which were oak so I could screw into them, and covered them with black Formica countertop material. I chose to make the midrange flush (which was slightly different than your design; my thinking was your time aligning assumes the height and location of the listener). I am extremely impressed with your speaker and recommend it to anybody who has the time, patience, and, most importantly, space. The photos of your build have little context to illustrate this scale of the speakers, especially the depth. These are some massive speakers.
Thank you for all your efforts
Sincerely Jacob

I have a question for you right now. I am running the speakers with an Elekit TU-8500 Stereo Tube Preamplifier Kit and a 1990s    100 W Parasound (HCA - 800 II). And I was looking at getting the Elekit tu-8600s; it’s a 9.2w 300b amplifier; I see you recommend 15+ watts? In a small to medium size room 300 ft.² (apartment) with the primary music taste of soft rock and folk, do you think it will be sufficient? Is the impedance dip too large? Did you happen to use the Joplin 2A3 amp with the speaker?

Or for the same price, I can get the entry-level PrimaLuna 35W EL34.
Thanks again 

Hello Jacob, thanks for pics and comments! Pleased it turned out to your satisfaction.
I have added your question to the page here as it is not a new one and may have general interest.
Given the sensitivity of the Faital-15, it has had quite some attention from people with flea-powered SET amps, but the thing is there is quite some difference between a vented 15" bass driver having 95 dB sensitivity and an e.g. 95 dB, 8" driver in a horn-loaded cabinet. We have to look at back-EMF (back electromotive force). To quote Wikipedia: Counter-electromotive force (counter EMF, CEMF),[1] also known as back electromotive force (back EMF), is the electromotive force or "voltage" that opposes the change in current which induced it.
Very small amps may have trouble handling the back-EMF, where large solid state amps are - well, cool.
In the end it all very much depends on the size of the room, how loud we play and what kind of bass we want. If we don't play very loud and do not want rock-solid bass, 5 watts may be enough.
I don't have the Joblin amp for test, so I can only refer to my EAR-869, 15 wpc and tell it does well, but not as powerful bass as my 32 wpc EAR-861, which does not deliver as rock-solid bass as my 200 wpc digital amp.
To be on the safe side, I'd recommend the PrimaLuna.

With regard to size :-). Yes, a 15" bass driver does require some volume and as stated on my "choices" page, I always urge people to make a cardboard box to get a real sense of size:
All the best!