Faital-3WC-15, built by Kolja, Germany
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Dear Troels,
First of all i want to thank you a lot for your very interesting website and the shared knowledge and experience. Since i found your website 5 years ago i’m quite sure that there is no site anymore which i haven’t read yet .
I’m building loudspeakers for many many years especially - 2-way systems. Last summer was the time that I (finally) wanted to build a large 3-way speaker. These should have (finally) a 15" bass driver and a high efficiency so that I can use my tube amplifier optimally. As i didn’t want to have an active Bass section i decided to go with the Faital 3WC-15.
I built the cabinets within 2 weeks in the hot summer. In parallel i prepared the crossovers. All in all after 4 weeks both speakers were prepared for the first listening session in my “man cave”. WOW - this is completely different than my Scan Speak Illuminator 2-Way I had before. After some days of burning in the speaker opened up and everything was getting smoother. What a dynamic and a wide and deep soundstage. Amazing! Its just a revelation to listen with 300B parallel single ended. The 15 watts are more than enough and I’m really surprised how good the PA Midrange overall performs. Haven’t expected that. On the other side having > 250 Watts in the back of the speaker is just crazy. No distortion at all, dry and punchy playing any kind of music at any level. As I like to enjoy live concerts on television I can’t imagine a better setup – for the moment. Having made this experience I’m very curious how “The Loudspeaker-2” would play. For now I think, this speaker would be to big for my listening room. But you never know what comes next. But I’m sure it won’t be a 6”+1” anymore!
Best regards from Stuttgart,