Faital 3WC, built by Christopher, UK

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Hope you are well.
I have now had the Faital 3WC running in stereo and I'm stunned.  A couple of little things I need to do like deepen the tweeter routing slightly so properly flush (probably not so I'd hear a difference , but will feel better!) - wish I'd found your tip on over routing and using rubber to get the plate of the tweeter flush.
Currently running from a small 2a3 amplifier, the volume is enough but I'll hook up the 509 monos soon for the full effect!.  Even with just a small amplifier, these speakers are incredible.  There is now proper weight to the music and much better dynamics.  Because more of the recording is there throughout the frequency range, they communicate the performance so much better.    I had my suspicion that the Lowthers I was using were losing a lot of the music and these 3 way classics expose their limitations very starkly. My wife probably has a better ear than me but no interest in hifi thinks they are domestically OK and sound great too!
This was not a cheap project (close to 2000GBP by the time I paid for decent cabinets) but as always with DIY, so much more rewarding than walking into a shop and getting instant gratification.  In addition, I know every part that went into these boxes and I am sure the cross over components Be Tweeter and Drivers far exceed those in commercial products at comparable price.
I am already planning my next project!
Once I get them finally set up and on stands, I will send you a picture. 
Thanks for the wonderful speaker building resource you provide.

Hope you are well.  Saw your update (10/6) on site and hope you are making progress with growing the veg and your home maintenance.
As promised, here is a picture of the speakers set up on stands.  My friend who built the cabinets also has welding skills, so these stands are bespoke!  Having them on good stands brings some added precision to the sound. 
Amazingly they even play loud enough with a little a 45 amplifier, but this is probably not the ideal device to drive them with.
Thanks again for the little bits of advice along the way.
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 pic... Wow!  As you say it's pointless describing audio with words.  The Faital 3wc now have the drive they deserve.  And the 509/912 drive the speakers they deserve!
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