Peerless HDS134, built by Kamil, Czech Rep.
Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
Last month I finished XT version. Project started three years ago when I wanted to build speaker best way I can. I preferred to start with bookshelf to pick up some experience with more complicated build (and yes it was a good idea). I offered to my friend to build these speakers for building cost because my living room is too big for small speakers. Cabinets were finished in 3 months, than two years played (as I had no time) and this year finished to final. Material used is MDF, sides are laminated from seven layers of 3mm thick. They are rock solid and of course heavy (11 kg per piece). I like Sonus Faber style, so I decided make them their way – curved cabinet, maple veneer in high gloss. After many failures with veneer I made simple vacuum pump to have equal pressure on all surface – worked perfectly. It was quite challenging to finding suitable lacquer. I tried couple types of lacquers (shellac, epoxy...) and finally I found professional system for high gloss (polyester base with polyurethane top) which is perfect. As those speakers are in bedroom, highest possible WAF was target that’s why are in red - my friend's wife favorite color.
But the most important thing is sound. And about sound I can talk only in superlatives. These speakers amazed me from the first time. After short time of burning-in the bass extended and listening started to be real pleasure. Sound is well balanced, lots of details, no harsh and bass response from such a small speaker is surprising both as how loud they can play without distortion. I had not heard strings and vocals served so naturally before, nor from much more expensive speakers. I can highly recommend these speakers to anyone who wants to make perfect speaker on budget.
I want to thank you to share your knowledge and enthusiasm. I admire your hard work and quality of your constructions. I am looking forward to make next speakers – seems to be DTQWT. 
Best regards,
Kamil, Czech Republic