Hypex FUSION FA252
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

For use with:
 FUSION-BAD, FUSION-3, ATS4-HE, Ellipticor-4, The Loudspeaker, Ellipticor-3 and MUN-17

The short instruction here is meant for the FUSION-BAD and FUSION-3 speakers. For FUSION-BAD the Hypex module must be programmed for bridged operation as can be seen below. For FUSION-3, the FA252 must be used as a 2-channel device.

Hypex FUSION FA252 module.

FA252Click images to view large

Download HYPEX FUSION manual here.

Download Hypex Filter Design here.
Go to page 31 to read about the FUSION modules.

Download Hypex Filter Design 4.71 software from Hypex website.


Install the software on your PC  and -

connect FA252 to the computer and -

open HFD (Hypex Filter Design):

Click Device settings:

Click Bridged configuration for FUSION-BAD (yes)
For FUSION-3 (no)

For FUSION BAD: Preset volume: 0, 2 and 4 (dB)
For FUSION-3: all "0"

Un-click Device settings and you have this again

Set volume to "0" dB.

Click Filter design and you see this

When you have installed the HFD software you will have a folder in My Documents "FilterData":

Unzip your file on the memory stick and transfer the data to "FilterData".


Open file.

Chose file and click OK.

Click Upload all presets.

Connect the Hypex module to your speakers.

For 2-channel operation (non-bridged)
Channel 1: red = plus, black = minus
Channel 2: blue = plus, grey = minus


For one-channel operation: Bridged mode

Red = plus
Blue = minus
(other wires not used in bridged operation, add cable joints to make sure they don't connect to anything)


Connect the Hypex module to your preamplifier.