Hypex PSC2.400(d)
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I do have to make a few comments on the software following the Hypex modules. It's written by geeks - for geeks. No Apple-intuitive programming here. The Hypex modules can do a thousand things and we only need it to do a few. All that said, trial'n error quickly produced the results I wanted and using my CLIO measuring system, I could check if things were as predicted. The good news is that should you decide to build this speaker, you can download the actual file for the speaker here. Once you have connected the Hypex to your computer and have your firmware installed, you open the file in the program and upload this to the Hypex module. That's it! This obviously has to be done for both modules.
The further good news is that you adjust the bass level to suit room conditions, something that is nearly impossible with passive crossover.
These modules deliver 2 x 400 watts in 4 Ohms and the power supply can deliver 500 watts total.

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Above you see the two main working platforms of the Hypex software. You pick either in the right lower corner, "advanced" or "back to filter design". In advanced you choose  channel1-high or channel2-low. Channel 2 is used for the 28W driver. Channel 1 is either not used or used for driving the MT section.
Take your time and read both manual and Filter Design Manual carefully. This should keep you occupied a couple of evenings.

What we have to learn is operating with biquads. Hypex does not explain what a biquad is, but here is Wikipedia:

 So, what is a recursive filter? Wikipedia again (what would we do without it? Remember to send 10 USD!)

Anyway, here is what you do: You click on a biquad:

Once done you see a stipulated line around the BQ1.
Next you click "back to filter design" and you right-click on the chart and up comes this:

Click arrow and you get this:

Here you pick whatever type of filter you want to add. Read manual for more info.

Please note: If you have problems with your Hypex modules, please ask Hypex, not me!

Download Manual here.

Download Filter Design manual here.

Download Hypex software here (24 MB zip file)


 MUN17-3W-Hypex files here: here (zip file)

ATS4-HE Hypex files: here (zip file)

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The PSC2.400d module also comes in a "d" version where you can connect your streamer directly without any line stage or power amplifier. When this article is going to be published, probably only the "d" version is available, but only a few € more expensive than the version with no-digital input facility.
What will be presented here are two options where you need a line stage, preferably with double balanced output and some min. 10 dB gain. My own line stage has some 14 dB gain and fits the Hypex modules perfectly.
If you don't have double balanced output, you need to make a pair of short cables where you split the signal into two lines. Obviously you can make this from single ended output, but you loose some gain and preferably need a pre-amp with 20 dB gain, which is common. If you only have a single pair of single ended output, use a phono splitter + adaptors.

If you make your own cables, short pin 1 and 3 in the XLR plug (ground).

If your pre-amp only have a single pair of XLR outputs, you need a splitter like this. They're 5.80£ on eBay. Cheap.

First option is having a line stage running one of the Hypex amps and your preferred power amp running the MT section. What you need to know is the gain of your power amp. The program provided is tuned for a power amp having 26 dB gain. If your power amp has 23 dB gain, you reduce the gain of channel 2 from 13 dB gain to 10 dB gain, thus aligning the Hypex module with your power amp. The Hypex comes with a default 16 dB gain, thus programming channel 2 to +13 dB makes and overall 29 dB gain. This fits the MT section running from a 26 dB gain power amp. The Hypex also has to overcome the baffle step loss of the 28W driver. 88 dB sensitivity on an infinite baffle is nice, but not possible from a small 34 cm wide box.

Second option is having your line stage running the Hypex and use both Hypex amps, one for the bass and one for the MT section. In both cases we need a passive crossover for the MT section. I'd say the sound of the Hypex would satisfy the majority of people.

The long and the short of it is that you need to know the gain of your power amplifier to balance the sound of bass and MT section. What you get in return is the ability to tune your speaker to your room conditions in a way no other speaker on these pages can do. You can even tune bass differently if you have an asymmetrical setup with e.g. one speaker in a corner. Unfortunately a much too frequent situation.