Illumina 66, built by Frédéric, France
Copyright 2013 © Troels Gravesen

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 Dear Troels,
I finished my pair of ILLUMINA 66. First of all, thank you for your exellent site where I often. I choose to make a box whose outer shape is rectangular but the interior has two faces tilted at 45 ° (as opposed to HP) to reduce standing waves. Face initial compliance plan but the other walls have a thickness of 30 mm -> a layer of 22 mm thick MDF + a layer of 8 mm (4 mm + 4 mm) multiply birch.
The finish is satin gray cast iron and the two side plates are varnished matt light oak. For the filter, I chose the top version with almost all capacitors took silver in the range Z. I sanded the housing in which the filter. In the end, it weighs 45 kg!
I did make stainless steel feet with 8 mm thread end to be screwed feet Soundcare Jupiter. The first tests are very promising in terms of stamps, openness and sound staging plans. I already working on my next achievement, probably the Jenzen Illuminator. Thank you very much.