Illumina 66, built by Jallu, Finland
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels and Thank You for the design of the Illumina-66,

I have not been able to make a proper listening so far and I think I’ll let them break in a while first. But first impressions were that these speakers are very capable to play almost everything. The bass is produced at least adequate level for a speaker this size with one 6” woofer element. The punch and depth are reproduced remarkably well at decent listening levels (haven’t listen “loud” yet). Tweeter (66000) seems to be a perfect match to the 18WU, clear, detailed and kind of natural. Overall impression at the point would be natural, dynamic and detailed.

Something about the construction… well, it’s always fun when you have the tools and time (a lot of it). But it’s the feeling (as allways on DIY) when you first got the gear up and running and it sounds good. And it’s not a bad thing either if your wife approves them in to the living room!

(The bases still needs to be painted and attached to completely finish the project.)
Jallu from Finland