Illumina 66, built by Marcin, UK
Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
As many before me here, I would like to thank you, for such a great work and huge library of projects, for those, who one day, wish to build their own set of speakers.

To keep long story short …

I have been planning to build my own set of speakers for many years now …
Finally, after many days of thinking of the design and how to best approach this task, I've pulled the trigger and decided that this is the time to finally put my misery to an end.
Decision has been made, I’ll be building Illumina66, R3004/662000 version.

At his point, I wish to thank my family and my friend Robert, for all the support, patience and help.
I don’t have any workshop or place I could build these without much of a pain for other family members (even neighbours), hence whole project took bit longer than anticipated (sanding down, painting - what a nightmare), although overall I do believe that it was worth it.

This was my first build, I've approached this without any experience in this field, hence during the cad design and build process I have been consulting some technical aspects with good friend of mine (thanks again Robert).
Without your project, his help and my family I could not have completed this work.

The speakers are not fully finished yet. After getting to this point, I've decided to order a custom made, very high quality set of feet/spikes, which should be with me in no time.

When it comes to the sound, I'm overwhelmed how bodied and coherent these are. Remarkable combination of drivers and well-designed crossover.
When I listen to my favourite pieces of music, I cannot admire how such a huge sound can be produced from such a volume, and only two-way, relatively small system. Great work, thank you.

Please refer to the pictures, I've attached.
I've numbered them in order, as project progressed, to help identify key stages in the build process.

With regards
Marcin (United Kingdom)