Illumina 66, built by Steve
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

At long last.  I have managed to finish my loudspeakers!!  Thank you first and foremost for designing them in the first place and being generous enough to share them with total strangers.  Secondly thank you for all your help, support and encouragement along the way, and what a long way it has been....
I have not secured them to the granite bases yet and will do so when I am entirely happy with the sound.  6 CDs in and I am thoroughly enjoying them although when I get rid of my old speakers and position them properly they will sound even better.  I will put together some photos of the construction and final resting position of the speakers and send them to you for inclusion on your website if you like.
All the best to you and thanks once again for all your support and encouragement.

2 monts later:
Having had an opportunity to listen to lots of music since I last wrote I thought I should let you know how I feel about the loudspeakers.  In a word stunning!  The level of detail and the clarity of the sound is the first thing that you notice.  The sound is very natural and unenforced.  There is no listening fatigue after extend listening and the speakers are equally at home with classical music such as Carl Orff's Carmina Burana where the scale of the music is conveyed with authority.  The bass is much deeper than any other speaker that I have owned.  It is not thunderous bass which I do not like to listen to anyway but you can feel the pressure from the bass on your chest.  These speakers rock.  More delicate pieces of music such as Emmy Lou Harris singing Cosmonaut are breath taking.  You can hear her catching her breath and hear the strings being struck down or pulled up.  Everyone that has had a chance to listen to the speakers has been bowled over by how natural and good they sound.  Thank you for that. I have finally settled on the speakers flush at the front with the granite base.  I have also included a a couple more pictures of the top of the front baffle, one after the CNC milling cutter had cut the holes for the drive units and one picture after I had covered the top of the front baffle with leather. Hope you are well and enjoying life to the full.  Despite having completed my speakers, like a bee is attracted to honey so I keep returning to your website to keep abreast of your designs and projects.
All the very best to you, Steve