Illumina 66 response
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

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One final thing: I build your  illumina 66 design for a friend and he Loves it!!! They sound fantastic. He says he now hates all the other speakers in the house (B&Ws) and wants similar speakers elsewhere. Thank you, John

I purchased speakers used in your Ilumina 66 project about year ago (R3004/662000 tweeter). It was provided by speakers' reseller with ready to use crossover design (more-less 3rd order Butterworth). Even though they sounded decently, sometimes amazing, I've been complaining from the first day I heard them and been trying to improve the design from the beginning - with poor results. Frequencies around 1-2kHz sounded sometimes so annoying, not natural (e.g. piano). That was real pain. I found your project about one week ago and, after reading the article, decided to try to use your x-overs design. Yesterday i finalised them and started listening. Results are incredible! Finally, after one year, I got what I was really expecting. Sound is as it should be: flat, clear and natural - professional. I think I finally can mount x-overs inside the box. :) So I'm writing just to THANK YOU!! Regards, Jacek