Illumina 66, built by Cedric, France
Copyright 2013 Troels Gravesen

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Hello, I am Cedric Crouzet from France.
I am very happy to have completed an Illumina 66. I have done only a minor tweaking : one inch higher (but internal volume is the same), and curved side panels. It's made of two panel of 3 mm MDF, and 4 panel of 6 mm birch (with 4 mm deep grooves, otherwise it was impossible to bend it). But the shape was not perfect, and I was obliged to use screw along with the glue. Every other aspect (except the bracing of the top) is from your drawings.
I have ordered all the filter components at Jantzen audio.
The finish is made of Santos's rosewood, the front panel was painted in black. I must say, that I am very happy with the result. This floor stander is not only nice, but it sound great. My combo is made of two Cambridge 851 C and A (so there is enough current to feed them). I can't compare it to bigger loudspeakers, but It can play at almost live levels most music, except orchestral music (but I think it's almost impossible to have a live sensation with orchestral music, once you have experimented it). The sound is clear, but with substance, the image is in place, and it swings.
For me this DIY is a complete success, and I must say Thank you very much Mr Gravesen.
Greetings Cedric Crouzet