Illumina-66, built by Erik and Renze
+ Vifa PL14
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
I should have sent you these a while ago but better late then never I guess. These are the construction pics of my Ill66 project, due to the size of the pics it will be more than 1 mail I'm afraid. Use them as you see fit.
The woodwork is done by my neighbour who's studying for furniture developer/woodworker. We used thin layers of baltic birch for the sides and finished the cabinets with real olive veneer and treated it with wax-oil and the print came alive. I also fitted them with some robust outriggers from Tony Gee. The sound is very detailed and the 18WU can really deliver a punch! These are no ordinary speakers.
Best regards, Erik and Renze



Vifa PL14

Been busy but haven't shared the pics yet.
I built 2 sets of these and they're listened to every day, one set at work and one at a friend of mine.
At a certain point I found some second hand (empty) Sonus Faber cabinets and was looking for a desgin and then I found the vifa setup on your site and used these drivers and crossover.
The set for work is built recently and is treated with warnex (kinda industrial) but is still enjoyed 24/7.
This punchy 5" midwoofer and the detailled upper hasn't disappointed!
I hope these drivers will be there for a while longer, good value for money.