Illumina-66, built by Peter
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
Well, the units were finished about 2 months ago and I must admit the sound reproduction exceeded my expectations by quite a margin! Sound is now even better and to describe it is difficult but lets try: Perfectly integrated with excellent extensions at top and bottom of the range. Bass is not only low but more importantly amazingly detailed, as it is all the way to the top. Sound staging very good and reasonable depth. On low volume, jazz late at night, still just as detailed.
The really important bit: 
The music is in the room and around you and you get totally involved in it rather than analysing it and the system. My previous speakers did not really do this. The Illumina’s are now making music that my system can provide. 
By the way the system is tubes, pre and power amp with KT77's, better than all the EL34's I have tried. Kits from Sonic Frontiers Canada (Assemblage), highly modified with such things as stepped volume control, Mundorf silver capacitors etc, etc. 
Build was very similar to yours, exceptions being I used 19mm hdf rather than mdf and used biscuits in the construction as they align in one direction and give movement in the other to line up in that direction. They also ensure strong joints!
A few of many pictures on a separate mail. Wood is finished with 3 coats of Tung oil and front and base automotive 2 part lacquer colour match to furniture and applied with a fine roller to get a slightly stippled finish but still smooth for cleaning. 
Thanks a lot Troels