Illuminator-5, built by Man
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels,
I'm Man from Thailand. Your Illuminator 5 is superb along the SAC Amplifier. Thank you so much again. I also use them as a front speakers and now am planning to complete the Hometheatre set.
I have it on cherry and had Kittiphol - SAC Thailand matched and tuned with the KT tube amp at his shop. I majorly listen to the music, but also watch 7.1 hometheatre. And I plan to use the Illuminator as the front for the system. Now I got ideas from you about the sides, rears, and center using the 8008.
Thank you again Troels. I like your country a lot. When I was 10 that's 40 years ago I joined international children camp CISV in Forum, a suburb of Copenhagen for a full month. Very impress till now I had my system designed and produced by the Dannish.

For other builders: The extension of the tweeter panel is not advised. This will require a new tweeter crossover.