Illuminator Monitor, built by Nick, AU
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Mate,
I have finally finished the Illuminator Monitor's in Australian Blackwood. All external panels are 25mm mitre joint with the front baffle an extra 18mm MDF. I purchased the crossover parts and drivers directly from Michael and Iwona at Jantzen Audio, the transaction was smooth and communication was excellent. I left my order late in the month, during the busy Christmas season, but Jantzen (Thanks!) rushed my order and the package arrived in under a week.
While the front baffle is not exactly to your specification the sound quality is absolutely fantastic. Having previously owned two well known bookshelf speakers, namely the Sonus Faber Auditor M and B&W 805 Diamond; this speaker is another level of transparency and clarity. The bass is far superior too (the Stealth Reflex Port is a winner). I would love to hear these against the Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution which retails at AUD$21990.

The crossover layout was definitely the hardest part to fit on the boards and ensure you can get it through the hole to get it inside the cabinet, but in the end it all worked out.
My testing was done on my two channel system which comprises of:
Wilson Audio Sasha Series-2 
McIntosh C220 + MC501s 
PS Audio Transport + Directstream + Powerplant P10 
WireWorld Silver SC + Gold IC + Platinum HDMI + USB 
JL Audio Fathom F110
Macbook with Roon Labs

Starting out with my favorite artist, Diana Krall I thought the sound was "OK", but not up to the level I was expecting. The mid's and high's seem to be lacking, but the bass response was good. I then remembered that I had the cables connected to the McIntosh MC501's 4ohm tap's and changed them to the 8ohm tap, immediately an improvement. The treble is much more focused, smooth and incredibly detailed. Integration with the mid-range was greatly better, voices sound super organic and so lifelike in a way I never heard in my room before with a bookshelf!
I then decided to enable my JL Audio F110 Subwoofer and play around with the integration, finding a sweet spot with the crossover at 60hz and approx 50% power, this gave a fantastic overall sound that final low end punch. Having only recently upgraded from the B&W 802 Diamonds, their sound was still fresh. These bookshelf's with a 10" subwoofer combination is a clear winner, making the midrange of the 802 Diamond sound muddy and the highs sound very coloured. 
I am very impressed and would like to congratulate you on such a superb design. IMO they are superior to any bookshelf speaker I have heard under AUD$20k and matched with a quality 10" subwoofer they would require some stiff competition from a 3-way floor-standing speaker.
Below are some more pictures from during the build with Harman Kardon electronics and a Balvenie single malt. This shows that this speaker design can allow to low-mid level electrics and still produce excellent results.
Thanks again