JA8008/TW034 built by Liudas/Lithuania

#1: Hi Troels, below some pictures from finished project. Cabinets made by a guy who works with wood. I think the finish is not final yet, but wanted to hear them. After break in will post my thoughts on sound.

#2: I saw you have finished the OTL kit, I just wanted a quick few words from you how this amp performing compared to classic SE 300B or other tube amps you use?
PS I'm really enjoying your JA8008 and plan to upgrade them with Pioneers soon.

#3: My amps are Chinese BEZ amps, and from inside parts quality I'm sure I have to acquire a better one :) On top of CD player (which I like very much) is attenuator NVA P50 with wishay dale resistors - nothing special, but I bought it after I used http://www.promitheusaudio.com/tvc.htm TVC attenuator. I do not know if it was quality of transformers or else, but is was swallowing bass and openness and clarity of the sound (despite all the great reviews on net), so now I'm selling the promitheus TVC through ebay and enjoying NVA. Will be waiting on those comments about T16.

#4: I am currently putting pieces and parts for JA8008 TQWT upgrade to DTQWT. Actually it takes longer than I expected, maybe because I am so satisfied with the TQWTs after I changed the coupling caps of my power amps :)