Jantzen Audio MKT-Z capacitors
Copyright 2022 © Troels Gravesen

Just this short notice to show a new range of capacitors available from Jantzen Audio.
Large value capacitors are often trouble in smaller constructions due to size. Some years ago the PREMIUM-Elkos were available for bass sections and notch filters, but unfortunately the manufacturer decided to cease production and we had to find alternatives.
Standard bi-polar electrolytics are more than suitable for such applications, but they have the huge disadvantage that people do not believe they are good. And there is nothing we can do to convince people this is not true.
Take an LCR circuit in a bass crossover linearising the upper impedance peak of a bass reflex enclosure. Often we need 200-300 uF to do so and standard bi-polar electrolytics are excellent here and have low cost and small size. People just don't believe this can be good.
Take a bass driver working up to say 200-400 Hz, and there are no sonic benefits from using standard PP capacitors here. None, whatsoever! We can't hear any difference using bi-polar electrolytics or standard PP caps. They sound the same. What makes "sound" is the overtone structure from midrange, upper-mid and treble. This is where the transfer function of capacitors play a role - a big role.
We can't change people's belief here, thus we can either use standard PP CrossCaps - or these new MKT caps, which rated at 100V takes up far less space than 400V standard PPs. In fact, a lot less space, see image below of my Revelator-851 bass crossover.
So, these MKT caps will be used wherever suitable for replacing bi-polar caps and kits will be updated during the fall of 2022. They'll be quite a lot more expensive than the bi-polar electrolytics, but sorry guys, you will have to pay for your beliefs.



The bass section for Revelator-851 with the new MKT caps (left) and CrossCaps (right).
And even better, the MKT caps are oval adding more options for compact layouts.