Jazzman, built by Craig/AU

Hi Troels, Jazzman is up and running and sounding very nice!! They have beautiful imaging, sound stage and deep tight bass. Does the amount of stuffing behind the tweeter affect its response? It’s is not as “airy’ is might have thought. Craig.

Hi Craig, Glad to hear it's working out. If you have never heard the XT25 tweeter before, you may find it a bit dull compared to other tweeters, mostly due to a different dispersion characteristic at higher frequences.   Have you adjusted tweeter attenuation to taste and room? Try tweaking R1011, e.g. 2R8 or 2R2 ohm to increase tweeter level. Use acoustic music to tune level, e.g. oboe, flute, violin, piano, etc.   Often commercial speakers have an elevated treble balance - because treble simply sells.   best regards Troels