Jensen 1071, built by Tom/US

Hi Troels.
Tom again. I've finally completed 1 of pair of Jensen 10-7-1. 1st impressions are terrific!I went with 1ohm for R1011. System is all solid state Bryston. Other specs include:
L3011 - North Creek 10ga air core inductor. C2011- Clarity Cap SA  6 x 20 mf caps. L2031 - Erse 16ga Foil-Q. C1021- Clarity Cap MR cap.
C1041- cascade of Clarity Cap ESA and Jantzen Superior caps. Internal wire is DH Labs.
Boxes are premium birch-ply 45mm thick baffles and sides with extensive matrix bracing.
Thanks again Troels for sharing a wonderful design. It's hard to pull away from listening to just one and finish the 2nd.

Hi Troels. I finally completed 2nd of pair and they sound amazing - huge soundstage, spooky realism. (Small) pics show woofer coil and woofer shunt cap. Thanks again, Tom/USA