Jensen-1071, built by Steve

Attached are photos of a Jensen that I recently completed. I re-used a cabinet that had used 200 mm woofers and therefore had to add a faceplate to the cabinet for the wider Scanspeak W260 woofer. I couldn't quite get the width of the cabinet to match your design. Had to limit it to 290 mm for aesthetic reasons. Otherwise the re-used cabinet would have looked a bit like Dumbo. Woofer volume is 77 litres tuned to 23 Hz. I used Clarity caps (ESA and SA) throughout.

The tweeter is mounted below the midrange due to the way the cabinet was originally constructed. That puts the tweeter right at ear level. Overall, the sound is terrific with a huge stable sound stage. The level of detail is equal to my horn system, but better balanced. Vocals are very, very clear. The bass is also powerful without being boomy, and very articulate. The highs are clear with no brittleness. I had heard some negative comments about this tweeter, but I hear no issues at all.

Thanks for a great design. I have been looking for this kind of design for a long time and took the plunge, Steve.