Jensen 1071 built by Bob/Holland
Copyright 2011 © Troels Gravesen

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November 2011
Hi Troels, 
I promised to send better pictures of the speakers and to give an sound impression. Well… the sound of the Jensen 1071 is realy fabulous to me! It is even more than I expected. I must say, the new speakers need time to burn in. In 2 months of regular playing, I could notibly hear the sound getting warmer and warmer. The bass, mid and high became in balance. What surprised me most, was I now clearly hear emotion in the voices of singers. On the LP version of `Almost cut my hair` form Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young I had never knew it was sung with so much emotion, like someone who is totally desparate. 
Overall the speakers present a sensation of being in a live concert. I like a solid rythm section and that is exactly what these Jensen speakers offer: a firm bass guitar and a rock bottom pounding bass drum you can even feel as if you were part of the live concert! In addition all the little details in the mid and high frequencies remain present and all instruments and voices remain seperated. 
I have no regrets of choosing the best filter components possible, it realy pays off. When our piano tuner visited us and listened to different classical piano concerts, he was estonished by the richness of the mid and high frequencies and he said, he could almost say what brands the concert piano’s were. He could even tell which piano sounded better and why. 
Again, thank you for this superb design, I will enjoy them for a long time. 
All photos during the construction are publicly available at
Best regards, Bob

May 2011
Hi Troels,

Finally after my holiday I could finish the speaker. Here are the first photos. I will make better pictures as soon as the weather gets better. Unfortunatelly my right amplifier is not functioning so a sound description follows after repair. But what I hear from only one speaker is already fantastic! Regards, Bob

Hi Troels, 
Thanks for sharing the results on internet. This morning I found out the problem was my pre-amplifier and not the mono end-amp. I changes tubes and it worked!.. at least 1 hour. 
The sound is just what I was looking for! Great!! It has the power of added bass and rich and detailed voices I was looking for. A very great design! However… when I screw back the top of the pre-amplifier the right channel died again and stayed dead L. So I will stille have to bring the pre-amp to the repair shop. But at least I have enjoyed the sound for one whole hour now! Here are some slightly better pictures, hopefully the sun returns next week so I have better light for better photos.
Greetings, Bob