Jenzen ATS, built by Daniel
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
It's been 3 years since I got interested in building a speaker project. After looking at different model and getting  info as what i could built, and getting a knowledge of what are my taste, I finally decided to start  building the JENZEN ATS model.
I would like to recommend to new builder to read all the document in your site and even to read the builders letters .There is a mass of information available, and take your time tor make the best possible selection . I would like to thank you to setting up such an amount of detail and diverse information in your site.
For this project, I had to make a few compromise,(mostly on the overall height) now at 1060 mm , instead of 1065mm, not much,  but I also install the bass and mid x-o underneath which took close to 60 mm.
The difference to get  the requested  volume was  added in the depht (430mm) the overall volume is close to 60 litres and the port lenght was adjusted with the volume  program. I also made my side panel tilted inward toward the rear section (to possibly minimize parallel panel reflection ).
All the front face panel are to the exact dimension and angle. Some upgraded was done to the x-o, I have kept the original bass LCR design and also the 2r2 on the tweeter design. Most panel are from Baltic plywood and some mdf ( where sculpting was needed). The bracing was done as there is no interaction between brace ,  but each brace are attached to tree panel The exterior finish is multiple layer of epoxy primer and paint, plus 4 coat of  clear  was added to the base colour.
I have been running them for  4-5 months and they are marvelous. The detail on the mid and  upper section are very fine, this woofer is very controlled and goes very deep. All with an incredible control on resonance. I am now using an tube integrated amp and it seem that this type of amplification fit very well.! will probably try a bi- amp setup later on, as you suggest . Thank you  for  inspiring me for this project, and to all new reader, go for it.
Regards,  Daniel