Jenzen ER, built by Alexandru
Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

I've just finished the Jenzen Seas ER speakers and here are my thoughts about the project. First of all, you were right about the time it takes to actually build them and I'll say that it's even more complicated if you don't have a workshop. Here's what I mean and this is for the people that think working in an apartment is ok. :)

Now for the speakers themselves. They sound shockingly well although the difference from my Discovery Classic to these was not as dramatic as going from my old Yamaha speakers to Scanspeak Discovery. When I switched from my Yamaha's to the Discovery it was a huuuuuuge difference because the Yamaha's sounded really bad and I have never heard good sound before.
I've used Alumen-Z for tweeter and also used a Silver-Z 5.6 uf capacitor since I plan on upgrading everything to Silver-Z in the future (except for the tweeter, the Alumen-Z is here to stay). For the moment all the midrange capacitors are Standard-Z and I can hear that. I don't know the ER18RNX driver from any previous constructions, but I can see what is lacking when I compare them to my Scanspeak Discovery speakers which had Superior-Z for both midrange and tweeter. I will upgrade as soon as I can, it's a must. I love the deep and precise bass that they produce. It's scary when you first use them if you've never heard speakers this large before. :) For tweeter I used the T25CF001 and I love it, it's amazing! I don't know how much the Alumen-Z helps since I didn't try it with standard caps, but the end result is just awesome. A big thank you for designing these speakers and allowing us to use it!!! Bellow I will post a few pictures from the construction process.
Best regards, Alex