SEAS Jenzen ER, built by Alberto, Australia
Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels, 
Well finally i have finished a pair of Jensen ER loudspeakers, thank you kindly for your designs/plans and for responding so easily to emails. I can't imagine how many hours you have put into each project from start to finish, impressive. Well I have attached some images of my project, as you can see I went the way of choosing premium crossover components for this project, I also made the cabinets from some feature plywood, the bracing is MDF as are the baffles. I was considering lots of different options as far as cosmetics are concerned but I decided to embrace the look of the MDF as opposed to painting them. The cabinets have been finished with a high quality furniture wax which gives them a mat neutral finish and makes the MDF have a similar colour as the beech wood veneer of the hifi stand. 
As far a sound goes I can say that they do sound big, detailed and very revealing, going from a small set of good quality bookshelf speakers to these is quite a jump and even after 3 months of listening to them I am still getting used to the sound. You are spot on in saying that poor quality recording/mastering shows and it is a shame that so much good music is so poorly engineered/mastered BUT when you get a high quality recording these speakers truely sound wonderful (Herbie Hancock's The Joni Letters comes to mind). 
My primary play back sources are a Lenco turntable with a Jelco 12 inch arm, ortofon 2m Bronze, bottle head reduction phono stage with gold lion tubes, iMac feeding a V90dac into a Marantz AV receiver. I am in the process of looking at a power amplifier for the heavy lifting and I still need to address some room treatment issues  after that I suspect things will fall into place nicely. 
Once again thank you and all the best for future designs,