Jenzen Illuminator, built by Ball, Thailand
Copyright 2012 Troels Gravesen

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Hi Troels,
Went back to read my message on your web site saying that I will get back in a month or two with my new cabinet and it become a year or two instead…
Have been extremely busy with my work and family and couldn’t manage my time to finish them until this week. Well…. not fully finished yet but almost there and it’s singing :-)
No doubt, Jenzen Illuminator is the best speaker I’ve ever built, I don’t have the Ekta to compare side-by-side anymore but pretty sure Jenzen beat the Ekta by far…. at least to my taste.
Doesn’t matter listening at low or high level, in a smaller room or a larger room. I also learned that over years I still prefer the bass reflex cabinet over the transmission line, the TL is just too clean to me.
At one point I was thinking about 2nd hand Sonus Faber Amati as I like the look and the sound plus I don’t have enough time to finish the Jenzen but, finally get it done and lucky that I didn’t bought the Amati. After listening to the Jenzen in a proper cabinet and with a better components…I don’t need it any more J …. Good cabinet with proper front panel dimension has so much impact to the sound quality. I’m now enjoy testing the Jenzen Illuminator with my McCormack DNA 225 and a few tube amps that I borrowed from my friend. If I’m not too lazy, tube amp probably be my next DIY project.
Not only for the Jenzen design but THANK YOU for hundreds of advices since you helped me on the Ellam XT - MTM crossover design (y 2006 if I remember right), 2.5 clone, Ekta, Ellam XT, Eekel’s mini, the Classic 1071 and…. Finally the Jenzen Illuminator. For sure this won’t be my last speaker project but probably the best one for a long long time.
Last, and I must let you know :-)
My Jenzen has 3 brothers in Thailand, 2 of the Jensen Classic 1071 is finished and one of the Classic 871 is under construction.
Attached pics of my Jensen & Jenzen fyi… my friends will send more pics to you later, one of them belong to Keittisak who helped me on the wood work.
Very best regards, Ball





Initial Test Cabs

Hi Troels, The Jenzen Ill is singing in my test cabinet, with crossover hanging on the back. Crossover is pretty huge but lucky I can use many parts from my previous project, only need to buy some inductors and a 220uf cap (I know it’s over kill but still like to try them… ha ha) First impression before breaking in, think the Ill is more lively than the classic 1071… which is the way I like J Got a chance to try a few tube amps… and as you mentioned - this one definitely love a muscle solid state amp ! Will get back to you in a month or two with my final BR cabinet (of course, with proper dimension !) Kind regards ball