Jenzen Illuminator, built by David
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Finally after 2 years I am complete and happily listening to what is probably by far the best sounding speakers I will ever own. Work started on these in December of 2014 but I travel a lot. I had never done anything remotely this complicated when it comes to woodwork, I had to learn how as I went along and was 100% done by me alone. I was told that I should start smaller and work my way up. However, I was confident I could do this. 
I am so glad that I did.
I ended up using wood dye instead of stain to bring out the grain (did not know the difference until this project). I also did not use any wood filler on purpose. It gives the surface more texture towards the depth. It also gives it a kind of a satin/gloss finish. Under low light they have a satin appearance, under direct sunlight it very reflective and glossy.    Although it is hard to tell in these pictures, the overall depth is really, really good. I applied a total of 16 coats of lacquer. The color came out as planned/hoped for (thankfully} since I did not realize how much color changes when adding clear coats.
Early on I decided to have the crossover displayed and use the  bottom dimensions for a nice solid base which is set upon floor spikes. I might even install sets on the MT section as well in the future. The crossover is set into a hinged shadow box. To me, they look too nice to be hidden. I also gave it a modular design by incorporating BNC connectors for the input and output.I will be hanging the shadow boxes on the wall for display and forming decorative wiring for the inputs and outputs.(At this writing , I’m still not done with the wiring)
The system is paired to an Onkyo TX-NR3030 Which for now powers the mid and treble enclosure. An Aragon 3002 powers the woofers. Although not up to par with the speakers themselves, they still do very well. They sound incredible no matter how hard you push them. I am a musician and amateur sound engineer and these match very well with rock music if anyone is interested in doing so.
That being said some of my go to tracks are off of TOTO’s greatest hits.  
Africa being one of them and I’ll be over you being the other.
Sound as you have mentioned is subjective, and all I can say is that this  is exactly what I was looking for. Perfect…..
The soundstage is transparent, the mids are clear and defined and the lows…..well I have no further need for my 10” and 12” velodyne subs. Very tight and good definition at all levels.
For my room and taste, they also do well with my surrounds when asked for. They match even better to my Niles surrounds and AR center then my original speakers.
Thank you for all your hard work, without your generosity I could have never have done this.