Jenzen Illuminator, built by Glenn
Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

Hey Troels:
I have been building speakers since the seventies. The work of Neville Thiele, Richard H. Small and J. E. Benson had yet to trickle down to the DIY community. Things have changed!
This build is composed of an elliptical, bent plywood and barrel back design maintaining the volume dimensions specified in the plans. The electronics are housed in the top for easy access.
Initially the sound was much too bright and fatiguing. There are three systems in my home and i found the same result with all three. Disconnecting the tweeter did not elevate this. I have made this mistake before and began to systematically strip out the silver plated wire replacing it with Cardas Crosslink for the mid. The result was a very smooth and laid back.
The bass is glorious and the supra cable remained.
The tweeter was an issue. Several wire combinations were attempted before deciding on Crosslink before the crossover, Cardas for the point to point on the board and Belden 18Ga mil-spec silver plated copper from the board to the tweeter. A strange combination but it works. Before this modification, the silver plated wire created highs that were all a sibilance of F’s and S’s or at the other end the sound was like someone had thrown a blanket over the system with too much copper. In the end a 3R5 attenuation resister was used giving the appropriate amount of detail and air.
You have come up with a beautiful design that can be tuned to builder’s tastes.
Cheers; Glenn
PS: Browsing you web site is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The builders here have produced some first rate, quality work. Thank you for sharing.