Jenzen Illuminator, built by Gines
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels.
It has been twelve days since I spoke with you the first time since the completion of the Jenzen Illuminator. I have followed your suggestions and made the following changes:
- I have adjusted the tweeter attenuation resistance (R1011) to 2R7 (initially I had it adjusted to 3R3) because I like the bright high-pitched sound.
- I have placed the speakers in the place suggested by the documentation that you sent me.
You were quite right because the change of placement of the speakers has made the sound change drastically. Now the sound is clean, transparent and open, as I like to hear it; The bass are still deep and blunt with a great punch and the midrange and treble, clean and transparent. The hours of work of the drivers that are already a few must also influence.
Please, if you wish, post what you want on your website now that I have good comments and that what I have built, thanks to you, satisfies me. For me it is very important that all the effort and wisdom that you make and put at our disposal in an altruistic way is rewarded by the satisfaction and comments of DIY speakers builders.
I send you speakers placement images.
Thank you very much again for all your help and advice.
Saludos cordiales.