Jenzen NEXT, built by CC Lim Hong Kong
Copyright 2013 Troels Gravesen

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 Hello Troels,
Spending almost 3 months and with help from my sister hubsand for the difficult wood work, I can eventually finish building this Jenzen NEXT-29 spk just by yesterday.
By listening less than 24 hrs, I can tell that this 3-way spk completely bit my old 2-way floor standing spk no matter it is just a simple vocal (a very sweet and warm vocal) or complex orchestral music (more and better quality bass without colouration in the vocal range).
Also, I am lucky that the spk doesn't sound booming even in my "bad" spk placement. I believe the spk sound will be getting even better for longer time to run it. Tks for your info before to advise me to proceed building of this 3-way spk as agaist 2-1/2 way and also much more tks for your great spk design to share with the DIYers.
I believe that I need to listen again for most of my CDs as this spk seems to play those with a lot of details I may miss before.
Rgds, CC Li from Hong Kong