Update Feb 2022:

Hi Troels,
I built and finish the Jenzen Next speaker in Mar/2013 and sent you an email at the time with your website link in builder response as below http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/Jenzen-NEXT-CCLi.htm

I received your comment feedback on the upgrade of crossover components (especially for the film cap used in Mid range that I used Standard cap instead of Superior Z-cap).

Then I actually completed the upgrade of crossover in 2017 for the Mid range cap from standard cap to superior Z-cap.  Beside this, I also upgraded the cap in the tweeter part from superior Z-cap to Alumen Z-cap together with two wax coils (see attached crossover photo).  The sound improvement at the time is significant with these component upgrade and I enjoy it very much for above 5 years already.

Recently, I am just aware and read from your great DIY website last week that the Seas mid range driver can also be upgraded from W18NX001 to W18NX003 without any change in the crossover components.  Then I immediately start the upgrade process and complete the change now (see the photo.

Really enjoy the new mid range improvement sound!  As you mentioned in the website that the speaker can now be listened to at a louder sound (but can still keep a comfortable sound).  The mid range frequency from the new driver appear to have even more natural, details and focus vocal voice when listening to songs and also can hear more music details when listening to big orchestral music.

Thanks again for your recommendation on this new Seas mid range driver, so that I can have Jenzen the next speaker upgrade after listening to it for above 9 years and can keep enjoying it for longer time.
Tks & Rgds,
CC Li from Hong Kong.


Jenzen NEXT, built by CC Lim Hong Kong
Copyright 2013 Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels,
Spending almost 3 months and with help from my sister hubsand for the difficult wood work, I can eventually finish building this Jenzen NEXT-29 spk just by yesterday.
By listening less than 24 hrs, I can tell that this 3-way spk completely bit my old 2-way floor standing spk no matter it is just a simple vocal (a very sweet and warm vocal) or complex orchestral music (more and better quality bass without colouration in the vocal range).
Also, I am lucky that the spk doesn't sound booming even in my "bad" spk placement. I believe the spk sound will be getting even better for longer time to run it. Tks for your info before to advise me to proceed building of this 3-way spk as agaist 2-1/2 way and also much more tks for your great spk design to share with the DIYers.
I believe that I need to listen again for most of my CDs as this spk seems to play those with a lot of details I may miss before.
Rgds, CC Li from Hong Kong