Jenzen NEXT, built by Scott, Texas
Copyright 2013 Troels Gravesen

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Hello Troels,
I just finished building the Jenzen NEXT-T25-eco with the CA26RFX. I have been working on them since last May and I am thrilled how they turned out. What started out as a small project to refurbish an old pair of RTR 300D speakers for my brother turned into a complete rebuild. I like the Jenzen series of speakers, the cabinets were just the right size and I already had the W18NX drivers on hand so it was a go...
I've been listening to them for about two weeks now and they keep sounding better and better. I will soon deliver them to my brother and will hate to see them go but I have learned so much on this first speaker build and I want to say thank you very much for that!
My next build will be for myself and will be of my own design so wish me luck!
A few details of the build. Woofer cabinet is about 65l, the mid about 16l and uses a rear mounted aperiodic vent. Total weight each is 125lbs. To get 32hz tuning I had to cut the vent to 5-1/2", the 7-3/4" gave me 28hz. I have a set of each length to try at my brothers house.
The full build thread can be found here I appreciate all your contributions to the DIY community. Best Regards, Scott Austin, TX