Jenzen-NEXT, built by Alex, Russia
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Hello dear Troels.
Finally, I finished the next project Next (the third in a row).Corps again ordered at the factory DARINA, as we have in Russia, are the best masters of acoustic cabinets. In each project, thanks to your invaluable advice, I used a different element base and always the sound was on top.This time the project was made on inexpensive components for my friend(as he did not have the necessary amount).Electrolytic capacitors were used in the LF link and they showed themselves quite well(I honestly did not expect).The result as always exasperated.Very grateful to you for your advice and experience that you share with people who want to get a good sound as a result.I apologize in advance for not very good photo quality(if you want to place them).
With respect Alex