Jenzen NEXT T25, built by Karan
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels, 
First, I thank you for your help to the diy community to get the sound for which you need a lot more money to sing for a commercial provider.
In 2016 I made your Jenzen NEXT T25  (CA26RFX ) version with the Standard Z-Cap on the W18NX001. I am very pleased, but I think that in the middle spectrum we would get more with a higher quality condenser. Now I would upgrade the Crossover to the W18NX001. My question is what capacitors do I use to get the best results (transparency, musicality, timber ...) My opinion goes towards the Superior Z-cap or a combination of two types of condensers to get better results. I highly value your opinion!
In the attachment, I send you a couple of loudspeaker pictures and the current crossover:
with respect,