Jenzen-NEXT, built by Marek
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

First of all I have to thank you for your support in building those speakers. It had taken me approximately 6 months to build them. Then for the next four months I had them painted by the Paint Sprayer.
To stay within budget and being able to start listening to them I had to give up supercaps and replace them with KZK K78-34 which are supposed to be better than Jantzen standard but no so good than supercaps. The cost of those caps is 185$ and I’m pretty happy with their sound.
Midrange cabinets of the speaker has been insulated with natural sheep wool, and bass cabinet has been insulated with both sheep wool and Monacor MDM-4.
The cabinets has been covered with veneer bloodwood and lacquered to a high gloss.
When it comes to the sound the first thing perceptible for me is humongous low-running bass which is fast and with some records even shakes the walls and floor.
Acoustic adaptation of the room, which is pretty empty, is still ahead of me.
Dynamics are surprisingly good, I mean I did not expect such a good dynamics. My prefered tweeter attenuation is 3.3 Ohm since KZK caps sound is a little bit on the dark side and with 4,7 Ohm there was not enough treble.
The sound is authoritative with great scale and culture, not aggressive at all, I can get a sleep while listening to the music, it’s very relaxing.
The truth is that with these speakers you tend to crank the volume up. The sound is clear, clarified, transparent and detailed.
I’m very happy with those speakers.
Best Regards
Marek Pigieł