SEAS Jenzen-NEXT, built by Qu

Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

Dear TG,
After more than three months, my speaker was finally completed, and now I have been listening to music with it for four months.
The back half of my box is oval in order to make it easier to enter the living room. It turns out that this is right. My wife thinks that this pair of speakers have a strong sense of design, and my plot has succeeded. In order to make an oval cabinet, I used the way of laminated plate to assemble the box, God knows how much effort I spent.
In addition to the box shape has been changed, the volume and panel are made according to your design. However, I have made the crossover box into a drawer, which makes it easy to modify the crossover at any time, but so far, I don't need to make any substantial changes to the crossover. In order to reduce the vibration, the front panels are made of aluminum alloy, which have proved to be very effective. No matter how loud the volume is, I can't feel the vibration when touching the front panel. But I also paid a high cost for them.
When the speakers starts to sound after they are finished, I felt that the low frequency part was not full enough. I tested it with a simple mobile app and found that the sound pressure began to roll down at about 300 Hz.So, I took out part of the egg cotton from the bass cab, and the effect of listening again became very good. The low frequency became plump and elastic.
I am very satisfied with the listening effect. The treble is not too bright, but soft, charming and rich in overtones. Deep bass, wide sound field, excellent image and fidelity make people immersed in the wonderful world of music.
Thank you again for your excellent design! Attached are some of my photos to share with you the joy of my success.
Kind Regards
Qu Mai