Jenzen NEXT, built by Steve
Copyright 2018 © Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels
My Jenzen Next and 8008 Centre project is complete.  Thanks again for all your help.  I have really appreciated your fast responses and patience with my queries.  These are the first speakers I have built and I have limited woodworking and painting skills so I hope that is not too obvious in the photos.  I confess that I had the birch panels cut to size by professionals.

To say that these speakers have exceeded my expectations is an understatement.
The Jenzens are simply the best loudspeakers I have ever heard.  Now I know what is meant when people describe hearing the music, not the speaker.  The soundstage is huge, the entire frequency range is delivered in extraordinary detail.  Your note that these speakers go “really deep” does not do them justice.  The base is deep and powerful, clean with absolutely no muddy boom.
I am hearing detail I have not heard before such as the deep rolling background thunder in a scene from “Blade Runner” that I now hear as layered and reverberating.  I have previously only ever heard a simple rumble.
Vocals are the cleanest I have ever heard.  I have been missing out on so much.  I listened to a cd of mainly acoustic guitars this afternoon.  They could have been in the room with me they were so detailed and clear.  The clarity and detail is not harsh or forward but perfectly balanced and natural.  No listening fatigue at all.  I get the impression I am hearing exactly what was recorded.
The 8008 Centre is simply stunning.  It delivers deep, tight base with crystal clear vocals.  To my ear, it is perfect.  Along with the Jenzens, it disappears into the soundstage.  All this from a Marantz AV amp at 125wpc so how much better can this system get if I had high end amps driving it?
I am still playing around with placement.  Jenzens are ~ 43cm from side walls and 31cm from rear wall.  Any further away from the side walls and they get in front of the screen.
Thank you for sharing your passion with the diy community.  You have enabled me to acquire a sound experience I could never afford from a commercial provider.
Best regards