Jenzen SEAS ER, built by Dave
Copyright 2015 © Troels Gravesen

Many thanks for putting this build out there. I've really enjoyed building these speakers. In the end they were built from 24mm baltic ply with solid walnut for the 19mm front panels, I got the local hardwood store to assemble it from 130mm strips for stability. They sound absolutely fantastic.

Hi Troels,
Firstly, I'd like to thank you again for making the designs available, I know from running my own blog how much work it is to keep a site running and current!
I've had the Jensen speakers running in my system for a few months now on my shared AV / music system. Overall, I am extremely pleased with them and have put a review of them onto my blog: [ ] with links back to your site. I've also put a final comment on some posts over at DIY Audio that had been left open previously.
Firstly amplifier wise they are connected to a Roksan K2 amplifier, which seems quite able to drive them but I think better amplification is needed. For AV duty the Roksan has a bypass mode that turns off it's pre-amp and takes it feed from the Arcam receivers left and right out.
Over the past two months, I've had a few people around who also like music and AV. They really liked the sound and described it as effortless, full and natural. We used a few different sources for the test including my DIY turntable, BD discs, CDs, Qobuz streaming and a few 24 bit downloads. What surprised me most is that the staging is so good I'm running without a centre channel for movies. I tried a test and put a centre channel there that was off, people thought it was on!
Earlier this week I went to the Bristol Sound and Video show; where many companies had their high end products on display. What surprised me is how good the Jensen's are, they compared well against speakers costing in excess of 6000 pounds. But I did realise that I need better amplification.
In terms of the build, I did switch out a few things, I used Neotech OCC cable for all but the bass unit and Audio Note rear banana connectors. Further, I went for gold plated screw on connectors between the top and bottom unit. Also, I used PU glue for all joints, I've had a lot of success with it on my turntable builds (just make sure you have some decorators wipes than can remove PU to hand)! This was an epic build for me, it took about 6-7 (very) long days of effort, but the result is well worth it!
Thanks again,