Jenzen Illuminator, built b Vincenzo, Italy
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


hi.. i'm vincenzo santoro from italy ,I finally finished my jenzen illuminator, I was a little scared, because it was a very challenging
project, especially for its high cost, and having never heard any own creation, based on the comments I read from the DIY forum, and since they were all very positive, I ventured, and after several months of work, I finally finished, and already, the first sessions of listening, even if the position in the room is a bit too tight, I'm falling, I finally got them ... the bass at my house, and is controlled and deep, just like me, the midrange is perhaps the best I've ever heard, the highs are attenuated by 3.9, 3.3 preferred, but a loud stinging while, though, in some ways, it was more enjoyable ... so I just have to thank you and congratulate you for the professionalism and availability, that sets you apart ... imagine that, among my many audiophile friends, lately , we speak only of Troels gravesens