Jenzen Accu, built by Jara, Czech Republic
Copyright 2014 © Troels Gravesen


Hi Troels, 
I’d like to present my project of Jenzen Accutons. I bought the speaker kit quite some time ago when mk II was not released yet and finished it in autumn 2013, so that is the reason why mk I is presented. I made cabinets “on knees” without help of serious tools and it was challenging and slow (not a good idea and I do not recommend to anybody do it in this way). Painting is ICLA hardened polyurethan coating done by my skilled friend.
Mid-tweeter cabinets are mounted on small spikes (also home made) embedded in bass cabinets . Crossover is part of socket but not mounted upside down. Socket itself is easily detachable and fixed on bass cabinet with four pegs. 
And sound... Difficult to describe especially when I cannot compare with other high-end speakers. I can compare only with my old DYI and to  be honest I’m not going to plug them in any more. I’m sure that I would need certainly better room and amp to let them show up full potential. So another room is going to be prepared only for listening and new amp will come hopefully some day.
What is also interesting, how this high-end audio equipment can change one’s point of view on different recordings. Some recordings are so boring that will be hardly listened again, some are excellent even though the music doesn’t have to be the right cup of tea.
Thank you for your design and I wish you lot of success. Best regards, Jara (Czech Republic)