Kuzma StabiR/Jelco TK850S/Schick/MSL Eminent
My workshop turntable
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Having been more than pleased with my Denon DP67L/Moerch tonearm, I thought it time to raise the bar a little and having a turntable with multiple arms just don't work for me. Eventually I end up only using one arm/cartridge - the most convenient, the 4Point9/Anna-D. Thus my Jelco TK850S/MSL Eminent/Schick headshell really just collected dust.
Hence it was time to retire my beloved Denon DP67L/Moerch DP6/MSL Eminent and take full advantage of the Jelco/MSL/Schick. I include the Schick headshell in the description as it is a key components in the superb performance of this setup. So, what to do?
The Kuzma Stabi R is a phenomenal deck and having had it for some two years and not wanting anything different, why not buy a 2nd unit? So I did.

A friend suggested the Thomas Schick graphite headshell - and why not? So I bought one. Obviously this only goes with the Jelco tonearm, usually fitted with the standard Jelco/Sumiko headshell.
Little had I seen this coming, but this graphite headshell cleaned up the treble range of the MSL cartridge. Never underestimate the vibrations the needle in the groove transmit into the headshell/tonearm. Worth every Euro.
Only drawback is high weight.


Jelco TK850S tone-arm with VTA on-the-fly.
Very, very bad these Jelcos are no longer available. They had a performance/cost ratio that was hard to beat. And they looked good too! I think I got the last one in Denmark.

I use a pure silver tonearm cable.
I've given up making these myself. This guy in Aberystwyth/Wales knows how to make it right.

The workshop setup, Kuzma StabiR/Jelco/MSL Eminent  - EAR-868PL pre-amplifier - EAR-861 power amplifier.



This clamp is really good! And at a reasonable price. It's very hard to find at the Kuzma website, but I found it under the Stabi Ref 2 turntable:
Kuzma also has an exotic clamp made from ebony, but a price around 2 k€ is where I draw the line.


Without platter



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