SEAS MAJA, built by Andy/US
Copyright 2011 Troels Gravesen

Hi Troels,
Finally I got to finish the project.  It actually didn't take much time since the cabinets are simple enough and I am glad I did get a chance to build them.  It took me maybe about two days to put them together.  Size-wise they are small monitor but they sound pretty big. After everything put together last night and had a good chance to listen, I felt pretty good because the amount of work is relatively minimal (especially compared to the PMS :-)) but the reward is pretty high.  They sound very nice and do a good job of filling the room with sound.  It's interesting that they have the same tweeter as the TJL2 but to me the treble sounds a bit sweeter.  I guess maybe the integration is better with the paper cone?  As you said, the paper cone sounds livelier and more energetic compared to the magnesium driver such as in the TJL2.  Every song sounds a bit happier through the Maya compared to the TJL2 although sometimes that may not be good :-). The cabinet was built based on your recommendation with the baffle having 40cm in height and around 15 liters volume. The front baffle is made using polar white and the rest was made using oak plywood stained with dark mahogany.
And the DQWT is in the pike :-)
Thanks for sharing your works,

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