Maglev turntable, built by Eric
Copyright 2019 © Troels Gravesen

Mr. Gravesen, you don’t know me, but I’ve been long been an admirer of your work. I’ve been following your JBL-related projects in particular.
Last year, I started studying your maglev train table project, and it inspired me to build my own. I thought you might enjoy the pictures.  I learned to use a CNC router to make the MDF plinth and a Delrin base for the motor.  The veneer is rosewood.
The tonearm is a 12-inch Clearaudio Unify with a SoundSmith Aida cartridge. It also has maglev feet from eBay, with Sorbothane pucks under the feet.  There is a “Wayne’s” peripheral ring on the platter. 
I’m looking forward to auditioning it soon, as soon as I can get a friend to help me rearrange my living room.
Please feel free to use these photos and details on your site.
Eric, US