NEXT-4, built by Detlef, Germany
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Mr Gravesen,
After a lot of work during this year,  I finished the next-4 Loudspeaker.
The first impression: what a good sound! I prefer mostly classic music.
A sopran sounds as realistic than a cello.  Never heard that in my music-room. The soundstage is so live, that I mean, some people walk through my house. The bass is  very deep in the 30qm room and more nuanced  than my old TML-loudspeaker: deep and clear.
I can not stop to hear the next-4. For me, the best I’ve heard.
My equipment: Kathrein UFS 916 DVB-S Receiver (bayer-4 Klassik 48kHz PCM), DIY-Streamer : Raspi-Digi+, L.K.S. Audio MH-DA003 with Burson Audio V5 Dual, T+A P1220 + T+A A1520 amplifier.
Thank You very much for this good design!
Yours sincerely