NEXT-4, built by Detlef, Germany
Copyright 2017 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels Gravesen,
Since years I was fully content with my next4 loudspeaker driven with the 2H and so I was sceptical, to update with the W18NX003.
A wile ago the update with the Amber Z-Cap gave a better small improvement in the high. Vocals like soprans and tenor sounds a bit clearer.
The price of the W18NX003 is not a little and the question is: can I hear the difference? I always compare with a realistic classical concert, the only real measurement of sound.
So, I tried the new nextel woofer. The first impression was, it sounds clearer, speech loose some of its typical radio-sound.
Next, the bass seams more definite, more punch or so. Contrabasses and Cello are obvious more sharp and realistic.
Bellcanto and alt singing was clearer.
All over, the new W18NX003 is an improvement more than the Amber Z-Cap, the NEXT-4 sounds a certain degree realistic.
I am very content, Your work is great!
Thanks, Troels!

With best regards,
Detlef Schnitker


Dear Mr Gravesen,
After a lot of work during this year,  I finished the next-4 Loudspeaker.
The first impression: what a good sound! I prefer mostly classic music.
A sopran sounds as realistic than a cello.  Never heard that in my music-room. The soundstage is so live, that I mean, some people walk through my house. The bass is  very deep in the 30qm room and more nuanced  than my old TML-loudspeaker: deep and clear.
I can not stop to hear the next-4. For me, the best I’ve heard.
My equipment: Kathrein UFS 916 DVB-S Receiver (bayer-4 Klassik 48kHz PCM), DIY-Streamer : Raspi-Digi+, L.K.S. Audio MH-DA003 with Burson Audio V5 Dual, T+A P1220 + T+A A1520 amplifier.
Thank You very much for this good design!
Yours sincerely