SEAS NEXT-4, built by Noam

Copyright 2021 © Troels Gravesen

Dear Troels
I hope you are doing well. 
I have finally finished the NEXT4 project... What with kids family and work it took me ages, yet I enjoyed the creative hours so so much. A real therapy! 
So here they are, bigger then expected, weighting 110kg each... 
Sound wise I know already what to expect since I played them often enough when they were unfinished... Seas nextel are transparent, quick, dynamic and joyful. And pretty. 
I am sending you a fan made video of the process... Tried to make it entertaining as possible, to catch more youngsters into this beautiful hobby. I hope you don't mind that I gave you credit in the video, you and jantzen deserve all the attention! 
So, I thank you again, for your work and generousiy. Truly one of a kind.
With best wishes and regards