NEXT-4, built by Mark, Latvia
Copyright 2016 © Troels Gravesen

Hello Troels!
Finally I finished the two-year project.Here are some photos of the process. I wanted to thank you for this opportunity to participate in the creation of enthusiasts speakers of  hi-end level.  I wanted to say thank you for the advice.
Now a little about the speakers themselves as you could notice, I changed the design a little bit. I tried to make housing more damped and add individuality in design. Cables for internal wiring I used AVG 9.5 Cards because I really like the character of their sound. Now about the sound. I will not here use different words as crystal, velvet etc. The sound is gorgeous! To tell the truth, at first I was a little disappointed.
The sound was detailed but it is very hard and not comfortable. Of course I knew that she needed to work for a while. After a while, the sound began to change for the better side . According to my observations for the complete results should be 1-2 months proigryvaniyayu (so gaining patience). My setup is Devialet 200, iMac, Transrotor Z1, NEXT-4
Once again, thank you very much! Continue to delight us with new projects.
All my best wishes, Mark

Hello Mark!
Thanks for your response to the NEXT-4 project. Stunning cabinet work I must say! You might have added a little more chamfering to the midrange cabinet although your current design may not impact response too much. I also suggest you try bi-amping and use a tube amp for the midrange/tweeter. Hard is a word that never came to mind during crossover tuning, rather soft and smooth. The NEXT drivers are anything but edgy. Tweeter level is another thing that can make sound hard if tuned too high. Best regards, Troels